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Your user talk page had no entries so any message I left for another user was not intended for you. There appears to be an occassional bug where one anonymous user gets the message that was left for another IP. The only other explanation is that your current IP is not the one where you got the message. In that case you may have used a non-static IP that was used by a vandal before you. Please accept my apologies for any misunderstanding. -

(Moved from different IP address to your page) One user posted that this is the result of large ISPs, like AOL, caching pages. It results in one anon IP user getting a cached user message directing them to the wrong page. - Texture 15:16, 20 Aug 2004 (UTC)
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Here are some open tasks to complete this article:
  • Former Snow White operatives, and their affiliations with Scientology after the affair
  • Unindicted co-conspirators, including L. Ron Hubbard and Kendrick Moxon

category:Scientology and the legal system

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