Nedum Cheralathan

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Nedum Cheralathan
2nd (recorded) Chera ruler
Reign58 years
PredecessorUthiyan Cheralathan
SuccessorChenguttuvan Chera (Vel Kezhu Kuttuvan)
SpouseUraiyur Chola Nalchonai
FatherUthiyan Cheralathan

Nedum Cheralathan was a Chera ruler of the early historic south India (c. 1st - 4th century CE), contemporary to the Chola ruler Perunarkilli. He is the second known Chera ruler from the early Tamil literature, and is praised in the Second Ten of Pathitruppaththu (composed by poet Kannanar).[1]

Nedum Cheralathan succeeded his father (Uthiyan Cheralathan) and ruled the territory for 58 years (as a crown prince first and then as an absolute ruler).[2] He was a successful ruler with several victories over neighbouring rulers such as the Kadambas.[citation needed] He is believed to have won over "seven crowned kings" and thus obtained the status of "adhiraja". He defeated an enemy on the Malabar Coast and captured several Yavana traders, later releasing them for ransom.[2][3] Nedum Cheralathan fought a battle against a Chola ruler, an encounter in which both the principal adversaries lost their lives.[2][4]


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