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Following are some interesting accomplished folks I've discovered among us. Well, everyone is interesting, of course, but here are a few who’ve openly revealed fascinating (notable? expert? famous?) items about their occupations or preoccupations outside of Wikipedia:

  • Sci guy is a research scientist whose publications include development of antibody tests and the human genome, particularly relating to identifying biological markers of human disease and development of tests to improve the diagnosis of human disease. Doctors have referred patients to him who fail to respond to treatment and the usual conclusion is that the diagnosis was incorrect.

Favorite quotes by Wikipedians[edit]

David Gerard:     "NPOV is our secret sauce. IT HAS THE POWER TO EXPLODE HEADS!!" [1]
Willmcw:"Encyclopedias, even Internet encyclopedias, are at the trailing edge of knowledge on purpose. Fantastic new ideas have little place here - this is chiefly a repository of old ideas." [2]
Chamaeleon:"I'm not here to be sweet. The aim is to make Wikipedia better, not to get laid." [3]
El_C:"Everything that I have said here, is everything that I said here, but not everything that I have yet to say here, though, everything that I have said here, is everything that I said here, but not everything that I have yet to say here, here." [4]
Plek:"The thing to remember: it's about the article, not about you." [5]
JimboWales:"Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing." [6]
Jayjg:"It's hard to imagine you could get people to agree on what is "true". Wikipedia doesn't even try; instead, it has a Wikipedia:NPOV policy which says that all significant views are presented in a neutral and factual manner." [7]
Adam Carr:"It is not the function of an encyclopaedia to take "stances" for or against anything, or to disseminate propaganda of any kind, or to "acknowledge" the positive or negative aspects of anybody's homeland."[8]
Nim Chimpsky:"Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you." [9] (ok, Nim Chimsky is not a Wikipedian, but I still like what he said...)